We use our written and verbal skills to funnel joyful, helpful information. Whether you need to dust off your journal and turn it into a bonafide book or provide the voice-over for your new professional marketing video, we’re your Wordsmith Pal!

Her’s a link to the sort of work we can do.

https://happyhealthbilingual.wordpress.com/ (We’re big on fitness and all-around health, and bringing it full-circle to worship and gratitude!)

Here are some of our writing gigs:

http://www.doityourself.com/authors/eva-r-marienchild/#b <— DIY






http://staugustine.com/authors/eva-r-marienchild <—- column









Links – Two Ghostwritten Books:



Authored Books: http://tinyurl.com/6m4qdzj

“God’s Love Works”


And here we’ve got strictly voice demos:


Feedback Comments:
“[Writing] talent acknowledged and respected!”  Daily Grooming, U.K.
“You seem to have a knack for knowing just what the client wants”
Manuscript Services
“Great clear voice; really feels her characters’ desires and delivers these emotions in her voice. Swell communication, and I’d love to work with her again.”
— AeroGames
“In our short conversation (on job searches and career focus) I’ve learned more from talking to you than I have from talking to all the employment agencies and guidance counselors I’ve spoken to!”  Client seeking vocational advice.

Note: None of this do I claim as my talent or my gift; as our Lord and Master said: “…[K]now that you could have no power… unless it were permitted by my Father

So whether you need to put out a newsletter or sharpen your website text or need someone to read your company”s PowerPoint slides for that next educational seminar, or are looking for guidance, you might consider me.

Writing and editing-wise, we can tackle just about anything.  Audio-wise, we can handle pre-production planning, voice-overs, script writing, script tweaking, proofing (taking a deep breath), post-production AND audio engineering.

And we can do so in both flawless English and fluent Spanish. No accents, folks.

In a nutshell: efficient, timely, professional and top-quality work.  Updates provided regularly (unless you don’t need them)!

Any questions, contact us at connections-erm@live.com. We’ll get back to you in a jiffy!

Stay positive!

Eva  (Evita) R. M.

Photo of another Evita:


Madonna as Evita Peron courtesy of femalenetwork.com.


About blessedscribe

Eva is a written and spoken word celebrationist; a teacher and student who concocts messages around truth, beauty and goodness, adding a healthy mix of philosophy and ministry and tossing in a dollop of wisdom and worship. She runs a positive phone group on Survivors/Thrivers, for those who’ve conquered abuse and are seeking God.

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